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My name is Jasmin Rhia, I’m a classically trained Violinist, DJ, Music Producer and Songwriter from Atlanta, GA. I have over 10 years of experience playing the violin professionally. I first began my musical journey at the age of 10 while attending Morris Brandon Elementary in Atlanta, GA. One day before going to lunch I noticed one of my classmates carrying a black case. Curious, I asked her what was inside and if she could show me… “Behold, a violin”! It was love at first sight. That evening I begged my Mom to start playing and the following year I attended my first music class.

In 2002 my family moved to Orlando, FL and I continued playing the violin at Chain Of Lakes Middle. In 2004 I entered the magnet program at Dr. Phillips High School. In 2008, I moved to Miami and attended the School of Music at Florida International University.

After receiving my degree I moved to Los Angeles, CA to compose music. For two years I worked as a music producer and songwriter for up-and-coming artists.

Today, I am blessed to perform all over the World as a Violinist and DJ at private events, festivals, weddings, resorts, etc! I play both my original music and cover popular artists.

In addition to playing, I have a strong passion for teaching. If you’d like to become my new student, please fill out the form here for a complimentary consultation. I teach both the Violin, how to DJ, and music production. Be sure to let me know in the comment section of the form what type of lessons you’re interested in.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

~ Jasmin Rhia

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