Jasmin Rhia is a Musician, Coach, and Mental Health Activist from Atlanta, GA. She is the founder of AOM Records, a woman-led independent record label using the power of music to spread mental health awareness and empowerment . In late 2015 Jasmin was involved in a bad car accident that served as a major turning point in her life. While pursuing music in California she had a mental breakdown after hitting rock bottom. After returning home to family Jasmin went on a healing journey to find inner peace.

Today Jasmin offers a musical mental health workshop that presents youth with healthy copping mechanisms for dealing with life’s trials and tribulations. If you’re interested in booking this program you can find out more by clicking here. Jasmin also has a new music business online course designed to teach Independent Musicians and DJs how to earn a consistent income from music. It’s called “Money Making Musician” and it available on per-sale for 50% off. If you want to learn more about the curriculum click here 🎵