Jasmin Rhia is a violinist, music producer, DJ and mental health activist from Atlanta, GA. She first began her musical journey at the age of 10. This is where she first picked up the violin at Morris Brandon Elementary. After moving to Orlando she continued to play at Dr. Phillips High School and was accepted into the School of Music program at Florida International University.

After graduating FIU she relocated to Los Angeles to explore producing and songwriting. In late 2015 Jasmin was involved in a bad car accident while working in San Francisco. This moment served as a major turning point in her life. Dealing with burnout and the burdens of depression and anxiety, Jasmin embarked on a spiritual journey to find inner peace.

In 2017, Jasmin created her community Artists of Morality after returning home from a retreat in Hawaii. What first started out as a podcast morphed into a mission to create music and art centered around healing. Today, Jasmin is mostly known for her DJ Violinist sets and music production. Her new song “Follow The Trail” is tuned in 444 Hz which is said to elevate clarity, peace, and love. Click here to listen on all major platforms